Friday, May 13, 2011

Star of the Show Quilt | Featured Today in SLC!

Ryan and I are so happy that we get to FINALLY share photos of the quilt we made for Spring Quilt Market 2011! We’ve spent the better part of 3 weeks fighting the urge to let it all out and spill the beans!

It all started in February of this year when I interviewed Kari Ramsay for a feature on Ryan Walsh Quilts. She and I emailed a few times after the interview and talked about her new line coming up called Daisy Dance. I mentioned that P2 would LOVE to make a quilt using her fabrics and that was about it.

A few months later, Kari contacted me again and asked if we’d still like to make a quilt for her. I politely replied, “YOU BET I WOULD!!” And it was at that time we were sworn to secrecy…

You see, this line was so secretive, that not even the reps had been given papers previewing it. It was all “your eyes only” and between me, her and Henry Glass. This is where I started getting REAL excited.

A few weeks later, Kari emailed me the images of her fabrics and the quilt designing began! Keep in mind, this was about 5 weeks before Quilt Market!! The clock was ticking!

At first glance, they immediately spoke to me. The colors were bright, the designs were a little retro and the subject matter was just plain fun! I knew I had to think up a quilt that would help these fabrics sing and I knew I had to try and get as many of them all on one surface. Enter the Kaleidoscope Ruler…

I had sent me a new ruler by Marti Michelle a few days prior to receiving the fabric images, when the subject of kaleido quilts came up in one of our weekly business Skype chats. Let me tell you, this ruler is KILLER! Makes everything so easy!

The fabrics were sent, the quilt was made and without any further stuff and fluff, here she is in all her glory: Star of the Show!

Designed by: Ryan Walsh & Charlie Scott for Patchwork Squared
Pieced by: Ryan Walsh
Quilted by: Lynda Turner of The Kilted Quilter
Fabric: Daisy Dance by Kari Ramsay for Henry Glass

Pattern to debut in mid June 2011. Around the same time as Kari’s fabrics become available to sell in quilt shops all over.

Let us know what you think…

Until next time,


  1. Charlie,
    I love the quilt. Let us know where/how we can find the Kaleidoscope Ruler - sounds like a "must have".

  2. I love it! The colors and the pattern are so fun. Fantastic job!

  3. Beautiful! Love the way you used the bold colors for this pattern.

  4. Really really cool quilt Charlie. Hope you're all better now.


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