Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fesh Modern Bee - The Blocks

Fresh Modern Bee

I'm all caught up with my bee blocks. Yeah!!! After being down & out for two months I was not sure I'd ever see the light of day.

Friesh Modern Bee - April Block

Here is Tammy's block for April. She is not sure who this quilt will be for, but is so happy to have finally come up with a use for this FQ stack that she received free. Shipping error and the company let her keep the wrong one! Wow, nice luck!

May, was my month in the bee. Really it was April, but that is when I was still in the hospital & there was no way I could cut out fabric to send to people. Let alone walk or even breath, but the group let me swap months. Thanks you guys. It means more than you will ever know. Just know that someone still cares for you made my heart sing. On a side note thanks to Thomas for setting up the sewing room downstairs in the bedroom. There was no way I could climb stairs and he knew that quilting would get me back on my feet quicker than anything. Thanks babe, love you!

Anyways, I chose Tula Pink's first line with Free Spirit Fabrics, Parisville as my fabrics. I asked everyone to make a block in their own style. Adding just some solids from their stash that would coordinate with the collection. Here are a few of the blocks.

Parisville - Jolene
Block from Jolene

Parisville - Jolene
Block from Jolene

Parisville - Ryan
Block from Ryan

This is all I have for now as everyone is out enjoying the summer days and time with family & friends. I will show you more blocks as they arrive.

Tune in tomorrow were I will show you a little more of this awesomeness.

PTS5 Sneek Peek - 3PTS Sneek Peek - 1PTS Sneek Peek - 2

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