Sunday, September 4, 2011

Athena & Dolly

I would like to introduce you to Athena & Dolly.

Athena, the Greek goddess the arts & crafts, wisdom, war, industry, justice and skill. She was the favorite child of Zeus. She had sprung fully grown out of her father's head.

Since I have a dog named Zeus I found it very fitting that I name my new, drum roll please.....

Athena & Dolly 1

I give you Athena my new sewing table. She is a big girl at 60" wide x 55" deep.

Athena & Dolly 2

Another picture of Athena so you can see just how grand she really is.

Then I also got another new toy because what sew table would not be complete with out a new sewing & embroidery machine.

Athena & Dolly 4

I have nicknamed her Dolly because she is a triple DDD (Designer Diamond DeLuxe) & another big girl at that. She will embroidery up to 14" square. Oh my. I guess you might call me a size queen :-)

Athena & Dolly 5

I just like this picture. It's shows off Dolly's beauty.

I must say when I sat down to sew the first time I almost had an orgasm because it was just that incredible. Zeus even gave her kisses. If you have never sewn on a machine in a sewing cabinet I strongly suggest you try it.

All kidding aside. After what I have been through this last spring of being in the hospital for 10 days with pneumonia and almost dying, I thought I needed to treat myself to something nice because we only live once & I cannot take my money with me when I die. I might as well enjoy it. This has truly brought my quilting Mojo back.

Until next time,


  1. They are beautiful, Charlie! Lucky you - and a good attitude to have! Enjoy!!

  2. Love it!!!! It is amazing that when you have a brush with death you end with a whole different outlook on life in general. Other people just don't get it. I totally understand, I have been there myself. No one is guaranteed tomorrow so don't put off what you can do today, you might not ever get to it. Live today like it is your last, with no regrets.

  3. Totally beautiful! Both of them! I have a small cabinet I have my Janome in and then I put a table the same height behind it. It really makes a nice extension. But, I'd love to have an embroidery machine. I know you'll enjoy it!

  4. Congrats on the new toys. I have a Horn sewing table and it is the bomb

  5. So true! Enjoy your new cabinet and sewing machine. I know you'll be making many wonderful projects with them.

  6. Wow! What gorgeous, sexy new women you have in your life! You must not be able to stop smiling!

  7. Oh my gosh! I am not sure which I am more jealous of - that gorgeous table or the AWESOME machine you have sitting in that. Lucky, LUCKY guy you are. Enjoy! I have been drooling over the Ruby since I first saw that.

  8. Both are beautiful. I would love to have an actual cabinet to sew on...where did you get yours?


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