Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clear Mini Piping Foot

 Clear Mini Piping Foot

The clear view allows you to see the piping and to see exactly where you are stitching.

To make the mini piping, select a 1-2mm cord and snap on the mini piping foot.  
Wrap the cord with the strip of fabric and place the cord under the presser foot with the seam allowances to the right and the cord under the groove on the underside of the foot. The groove feeds the cord. Select center needle position straight stitch.  Use a stylus as needed to hold the cord in place.

I would love to hear if you have ever placed piped binding on a quilt before and what are your thoughts about it

Zeus the next big quilter!!!!
Anytime I'm not in my sewing chair Zeus likes to sit in the chair and keep it warm for me.  I'm going to teach him to push fabric under the machine next.

*Please note that this post is using the foot and machine that I use at home.  If there is a similar foot for whatever brand of machine you may be using. I would love to see the results!

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  1. I haven't tried it, but would like to use it on pieces that I want a more finished look. Not sure if I have a piping foot, but I am sure there is one for my machine. So, I am not much help, lol.


  2. I have a piping foot but a piped binding is on my to do list. Zeus is such a clever dog. He will be pushing fabric under in no time at all.

  3. I have not done piped binding. BUT I just did the Magic Strip Binding and I'm very happy with it. Sort of looks like a faux piped binding. Instructions if you're interested

  4. Hey Charlie - forget the fancy stuff! What's important is - have you made Zeus a new pillow bed? Here's my new Recycle Dog Bed Idea. Take a used but washed Large size or up T-shirt from family member your dog likes best. Sew up bottom and across arm hole (not at sleeves - no need to cut them off). Turn shirt to inside – all seams, sleeves and any decals on inside. Clip onto hanger at shoulders. Put all your un-useable fabric scraps, selvedges and batting into open neck. When it is full or bends the hanger - sew across neck to seal. Make a pretty covering that can be slipped on and off to be washed. Pillow will be very heavy – take outside and beat to fluffy up often or toss in dryer with tennis balls if you can stand the noise.
    The "theory" on this is - with a dog bed filled with foam- dog smells one thing and rips in to get it. With many smells inside plus the human smell – dog will be afraid to let it out! And sleep on it to hold it down!
    FYI - my Quilt Peps at your old,old stomping grounds-Jo Ann's Independence are making fleece hats, neck pillows, and a quilt for Cancer Action Center in honor of a dear friend we recently lost. Let me know if you have any good patterns or extra fleece for the cause! Hugs to you & Zeus - Lynda

  5. Zeus looks almost "annoyed" at your interruption of taking his picture. LOL! That's funny.

    "Hey Charlie? Can't you see I'm BUSY here? Quit taking my picture!!"


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