Saturday, October 1, 2011

Men Quilt Too! The Quilt Show!!!

A great big welcome to everyone that is joining me here for the Men Quilt Too Quilt show.

I am a quilter and pattern designer living in Kansas City, Missouri. I enjoy collecting all kinds of fabric, especially Fat Quarters and I design traditional quilts with a modern twist to make them uniquely my own. I also enjoy camping, hiking, and spending time outside when I’m not quilting.

Qubee Quilts?  People always ask me how I came with my company's name.  I was looking for a name I could use online and just could not come up with one.  I asked a group of my friends who knew I quilted what name I could use and one of them joking said I could be called “Quilter Boy”.  No, I said that is a little over the top.  Then another said you could use the initials QB.  Again, I said no.  They would think of me as a quarter back.  Another said why not spell it out.  How would you do that?  I said.  Qubie he said and your company name could be Qubee as in quilting bee. 

As you can see my name and company name have a bit of a meaning for me and seems to be very fitting.  

Being a male quilter, trying to gain acceptance in what is traditionally a woman’s art has been a long and difficult journey for me.  Many considered it abnormal for a male to want to quilt. But I ask you - what is normal really?  Who decided that only women could be quilters? 

You may be shocked to learn, men CAN BE creative and talented with fabric too. Art in itself is non-sexist.  An artist’s vision, creativity, and appreciation for design know not boundaries of gender!

Women have always found it hard when trying to get into a predominately male field. I have found it just as difficult to get into quilting.  I run into huge road blocks of women who think men do not know anything about sewing or quilting.  My only defense is to turn on the charm and let them know that I really do know what I’m talking about.  A few have had to eat their own words and apologize.  I have had to work hard to get where I am today.  It has never been easy.
All too frequently, I hear women say, “Wow, I’m amazed at how much you really do know about sewing.  Most men don’t have a clue!”

I am here to tell you that I would not have survived this long as a professional in the industry if I didn’t know what I was doing!  I have worked at a fabric store for six years. Currently, I manage a major sewing machine manufactures retail sales and education location.

I am thrilled to be a part of the show and showcase my work. I love to get up on the table and start dancing, but I will will save that for another place and another time. We are here to view my awesome quilts. Yes, they are awesome because my mother has told me so. I think I could quilt up some dog poo and she would still say it is awesome. She still has the very first quilt I ever gave her and loves it to death. Every time I look at it I see every little mistake I had made, but mom always said from a galloping horse no one would ever notice. You know, she is right.

So sit back and have a few sips of your favorite drink or cocktail and enjoy the show. Oh and don't forget to leave me a comment to let me know that you were here. I'd love to hear from you.

In no order what so ever, here is some of my work. BTW, please feel free to touch my quilts. I don't mind. You can even get naked and roll around in them. :-)

Flights of Nature -Original Pattern

Written in the Stars - Original Pattern

Christmas Quilt Along - Original Pattern

Frosted Stars - Original Pattern

Love - Original Pattern

Moon Garden - Original Pattern

Oh Lollipop - Original Pattern published in February 2011 edition of Quilters World Magazine


Prairie Stars - Original Pattern

Pleated Bliss Table Runner - Original Pattern

Sunday Squares - Original Pattern
I Hope you have enjoyed the show. Be sure to come back and see me again.

I will be sharing my block in Celebrate Christmas on Tuesday, October 4th and Quilt-Uberfest! on Friday, October 14th. Both are online quilt alongs, where I will showcase an original quilt block.

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Until next time,


  1. Charlie, Your work is wonderful! I came from a family where my grandfather had his own thimble... He quilted, sewed on his own buttons and mended his socks. My grandmother told her men (granddaddy, my dad and his 2 brothers) that they might need to stay warm one day so she taught them all to quilt.

    I love it when a man quilts! Thanks so much for entering the show! The people who come through here are going to be floored by your talent!

  2. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Lovely quilts! You probably have a bit of a double whammy being male and young. I think I sometimes get the 'why are you interested in an old lady sport, exactly?' look from family and friends. Though nobody ever complains when they get a quilt!!

  4. I think it is awesome that men quilt....and I love yours....I can see how it would be difficult but it certainly is an art form for anyone!!

  5. I recently made your Oh Lollipop quilt for my newest niece. Everyone has loved it! It was my first attempt at applique but it was so doable. Great pattern. Love your other work too.

  6. At one time there where lots of jobs that only men did, then women started doing the same jobs. So why shouldn't men quilt or knit or crochet. People take kaffe Fasset seriously. Love your work. Keep on quilting.

  7. Charlie, I loved reading your story and seeing your beautiful quilts.

  8. I enjoyed your post and just so you know I had a right frolic on Oh Lollipop! It was quite enjoyable. hehehe Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you for the show! Your work is so much fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with on Tuesday :)

  10. Loved the Frosted Stars and Oh Lollipop, liked all the rest. You do beautiful work. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  11. I so enjoyed reading your story, and seeing your wonderful quilts! Thanks for being part of the show!

  12. Wonderful quilts and I love how you came up with your company name!

  13. Beautiful work; I enjoyed reading your story and looking at your creations.

  14. Your quilts are fantastic! I started stripping down upon viewing the first one! I touched, too, since you said you didn't mind (I mean the quilts -- not myself!) No reason men can't quilt, so no worries. My father is the one who taught me how to tie knots on the back of my work, and he did some of his own mending . . . he's not a quilter, but IS a fine artist, and he's always encouraged me in my art in whatever form.

  15. Charlie, I had a great time reading your post and really enjoyed your quilts and orignial designs. Yep, your mama's right - they are Awesome!! Thanks for being in the show and linking up so that I could find you.

  16. Charlie-Your work is spectacular! As a retired middle school home economics teacher, I had many boys in my classes and many were surprised at how much they enjoyed sewing. One of the first compliments in my teaching career was from a math teacher who noticed her son was doing much better in both math and reading during and after taking my class. It's too bad that "hands-on" classes have almost been eliminated in favor of computers-kids need to learn both and for many students it was something they could easily learn and be successful doing. From California, thanks for sharing.


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