Sunday, September 4, 2011

My New Favorite Foot - Three Hole Yarn

Three Hole Yarn Foot

Decorate your project with different types of decorative cords or yarn using beautiful wide HUSQVARNA VIKING stitches and the Three Hole Yarn Foot. This foot will easily guide the yarn through the openings in the front of the foot back through the groove under the presser foot. The decorative yarn will be stitched over creating a beautiful braid embellishment A 3D effect is created as you stitch over the decorative yarns.

Create your own unique trims with all the beautiful decorative stitches on your machine. Plus, there are 4 newly created stitches especially for this great decorative foot. You may find the stitches on the HUSQVARNA VIKING web site.

This is similar to the seven hole cord foot but allows you to work with much thicker yarns. The foot comes with a threader making it easier to thread the holes.

The Three Hole Yarn foot can be used with any yarn that will flow freely through the holes in the foot. Take your foot with you as you go shopping for yarn and try them out for “fit”! Don’t choose yarns that are “nubby” or fuzzy. They won’t work well and may get “stuck” in the foot

Simply thread the cords through the foot using the threader, select a decorative stitch and sew! (You may need to use a stabilizer under the fabric)

Try with simple stitches like the 3 step zig-zag stitch, then experiment with other fancy stitches!

I would love to hear if you have used this foot or have made anything using it. I wish I could see what you have made from this foot in person, but I can't, so Flicker will have to do.

Please note that this post is using the foot and machine that I use at home. Let me know if there is a similar foot for whatever brand of machine you may be using. I would love to see the results!

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  1. I love that with the three yarns, really nice embellishment. I have a yarn foot and know I can do one strand, haven't used it enough yet, so will have to see what else I can do.


  2. Hi Charlie!

    I have the 3 and 5 cord foot for one of my machines, the Babylock. I'm trying to remember why I bought them. I remember running something besides cording through, but now I can't remember. Maybe I'm getting old. ;)

  3. You have to check out this blog:

    She does beautiful work.

  4. Just had to show you one more link:


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