Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Could It Be? Part Two

Everyone wanted to know what was in the box from this post. Some even came into my work to ask. The clue I gave did not help you too much and I knew it would not. I only posted that because I thought it was funny and I like to sometimes look at Justin Timberlake and fantasize, but that is a whole other blog post and blog altogether. He is the man that brought Sexy Back after all.

Mr. Zeus was hoping that it would be a big bone, but when I did open the package three days later, this is what I saw

I thought about posting just this picture and making you wait a few more days, but that would be cruel and wrong.

I was shopping on the web at my favorite web site, Hawthorne Threads when I saw that they had listed Deer Valley by Joel Dewberry on sale and I did not have any in my stash and needed to add some. So I quickly ordered some before all my other quilting friends got wind of it.

As of this posting they still had some left. Get yours before it is gone! I don't have any idea what I am going to make with it yet, but that has never stopped me from buying awesome fabric and on sale to boot.

Today, I am working with Terrain from Kate Spain for Moda. This collection is awesome, I love all the bright colors. Kate really has out done herself on this one. In my option it is her best collection to date. The above fabric alone has 23 luscious colors in this one print. If this print is any indication then the rest of the prints must be outstanding and they are. Pictures don't do this fabric line justice.

Until next time,


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