Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Desperate Housewife

Today I'm offering up a block tutorial as a guest blogger in QuiltJane's Desperate Housewife's Quilt project.  Jane asked me many months ago to join her in making a 8" quilt block to share with you.  When I signed up I told her I would would take sometime in December knowing that I would have 3 plus months to get this done, but now remember how hectic the holidays are working retail.  You would think I would have remembered this working 10 plus years in retail, but lo and behold I did not.  

I was trying to think what on earth I could make for Jane and I knew I wanted it to have a holiday theme.  I put my thinking cap on and remembered that Jane is from Australia, I thought they don't see many snowflakes there.  Off to work I went to make a quick and easy quilt block revolving around snowflakes.  
Raw Edge Snowflake 
I used my embroidery software to create the above cutwork design to make the pillow below.  You may download the 8" (200mm x 200mm) embroidery cutwork snowflake  here or 6" (150mm x150mm) here.  They are both in VP3 format.  If you require another format you will have to convert it yourself. Sorry...

Raw Edge Snowflake Pillow

Zeus begging for a treat.

Zeus still waiting for a treat.
Zeus was super excited to see Santa Claws this year.  

Zeus and Santa Claws
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  1. Thank you. It is exquisite. I love snowflakes (even though I don't get to see many in tropical Queensland).


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