Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quilt for a Friend

Hope eveyone's Holiday was happy and merry.

It's been a busy last few weeks for me.  I've put in more hours than I even care to figure.  Just one more week and it will all be over and then we can get settled into a new year and a nice slow January.  Maybe I can get some of those quilting projects done that I've had to put off.

Below is a quilt I made some three years ago for a friend of ours in St. Louis.  It has just now gotten quilted and bound, thanks to Thomas.  This will make the third quilt that he has quilted on his longarm.  If you look real close you will see that he did different quilting for the border than the center.

Overall of quilt for our friend in St. Louis.
Had to turn the quilt to get it hang on our back fence. 

Showing off center quilt design.  

Close up of circle quilting
Back of quilt where you can see the star border Thomas has done.
Zeus loves his picture taken.  
 Until next time,


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