Monday, February 20, 2012

A Morning Scare

A Story:

I let Zeus out in the backyard early on Sunday morning and went put the coffee on so I might enjoy my day off.  I then check Facebook and twitter to see what I may have missed from the night before.  After doing so I go back to let Zeus back in.  Not seeing him waiting at the door like he usually is so he might go to his perch on the back of the couch and go back to sleep. I yell for him.  Nothing.  I yell louder thinking he is just playing on the side of the house where I can't see him.  I continue to yell, but nothing.  I walk around to the side of the house barefooted and that is when I see the gate had somehow been opened.  My heart skips a beat and fear starts to set in that I might never see Zeus again. I quickly run back in and put on some shoes and run out the front door yelling Zeus.  The whole time panicked and thinking the worst.  I run to the end of the drive way and nothing.  Thinking I would go and wake up our roommate Brian so he might aid in the search of Zeus and that's when I see him sitting on the front stoop looking at me with his beautiful puppy dog face and not a care in the world  It's was almost like he was saying, "What dad, I'm right here."  I then open the door and let him in and he runs to the back of the couch to lay back down and that is when I put my arms around him and start bawling while he licks up my tears.

Our baby Zeus

It's amazing how quickly they become a part of our family and touch the heart. 

The winning fabric for the Aids walk raffle quits is Urban Odyssey.  Here is a work up of the winning  fabric & pattern entitled Gum Wrapper.  

Gum Wrapper
For every $10 donation you give to AIDS walk Kansas City your name will be entered into a drawing to win this this quit.  Donation link may be found at the right sidebar.  

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  1. We feel the same way about our dogs. We even have a granddog named Zeus. Our daughter rescued him when he was a puppy. He's 13, handsome, blond, low IQ, like Marley and he's a pit bull. Love the quilt and the design.

  2. I also did a couple of posts for you. and

  3. I have 3 little dachshunds. My yardman is famous for leaving my gate open. I was forced to put a lock on the gate. I live near a very busy street! You might consider a lock for your gate. My 3 hounds are like children to me!!!

  4. Your story scared me, but the outcome is a lot better than those I have been hearing from my part of the nation. We have been have problems with coyotes snatching small dogs and cats. Boo.

  5. I am glad he was ok, guess he knows home is the safe place. I let mine do his walk in the morning, he marks the whole yard and comes back to the door, he is happy to stay within the yard boundary.


  6. Your story brought back so many memories for me. The very same thing happened to me several years ago, although, my ending was not a happy one for me. Some delivery man left my gait open, and since it was on the side of the house that had no windows, I could not see that. My little rat terrier, who was like a family member to us, got out, got up on the busy higway, and was killed. It was such a tramatic time for the whole family. My daughter, who was home from college for the Thanksgiving break, was so devastated, she went back to college early - just couldn't stand to be at home where Fonzy no longer could sleep at her feet. That was such a smart and loved little dog, we still talk about him - some 20 years later. So glad your story had a good outcome.

  7. I love chevron designs.


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