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Piecing Tips to prepare for Longarm Quilting Service

1. Use a short (2.0) stitch length.

2. Check that all the seams are complete and that there are no "holes".  It is easier to fix a mistake in a block than after the quilt is fully assembled. 

3. Press each block as you sew it using Best Press or another starch alternative.  Make sure your seams are flat and that there aren't any "folds" pressed in. 

4. Check all the seams on the front and remove stray threads as you press each block.

5. Press seams as you join blocks to build a "row".  Then, press each seam as you join the rows.    

You will get a better press, doing one block at a time as you sew, rather than waiting until all the blocks are finished.  Pressing gets tiresome if you wait to do them all at one time and will result in a poorer quality.  Also, pressing "as you go" results in a fully pressed quilt when you reach the end of the construction!

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